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Making Paths by Walking Together

Child Participation is a process rather than an event, with varying degrees of involvement - from being consulted on a predetermined issue to children and youth choosing their agenda, making their own decisions and taking them forward.


Children At Risk

India is home to the largest number of children in the world, significantly larger than the number in China.

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RCPDS Policies

Finance Manual of RCPDS

RCPDS strongly believe its services, success and integrity vitally depends on our ability to manage and safeguard the resources, governmental and private donors entrust to us in the best interest of mutual goals agreed upon. Central to this goal is a sound structure of financial management and control, and making wise use of the financial resources in a transparent, accountable and jusifiable manner.

Hence, this manual describes policies and a process for ensuring such effective and efficient use of funds within the diverse geographical setings we operate. Where guidance was deemed useful, it is also provided herein. These practices are designed in a participatory manner to be observed in the day‐to‐day operation of our programs.