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Making Paths by Walking Together

Child Participation is a process rather than an event, with varying degrees of involvement - from being consulted on a predetermined issue to children and youth choosing their agenda, making their own decisions and taking them forward.


Children At Risk

India is home to the largest number of children in the world, significantly larger than the number in China.

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CFCD Base Line Survey Report 

Since 2007 RCPDS focused on ensuring Child Rights against various forms of violations such as child labor, early child marriage and caste based oppression scenario in Tiruchuli and Narikudi blocks of Virudunagar in partnership with Kindernothilfe, Germany. Thus Balasakthi CFCD project, in its seven years span reduced the issues against the benchmark set by the base line and specific objectitives of reducing child rights violations were greatly achieved. During the project span RCPDS inititiated appropriate community based intitution which are linked to their respective apex body called Federation as well child rights protetion commitiees, to effectively address child protection mechanism on a sustainable basis even atitier the project period. This is clearly brought out in the participatory impact assessment done by community members as well the external evaluatition conducted by CMS, Bangalore.