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Making Paths by Walking Together

Child Participation is a process rather than an event, with varying degrees of involvement - from being consulted on a predetermined issue to children and youth choosing their agenda, making their own decisions and taking them forward.


Children At Risk

India is home to the largest number of children in the world, significantly larger than the number in China.

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Resource Team

    • Dr. John Devavaram, M.A., Ph.D. with specialisation on various development  approaches and participatory Methodologies,  Right based Approaches
    • Ms. Janet Shanker, MSW, PGDC, (Ph.d) – specialisation in  Women Development and counselling
    • Ms. Ramani Mathews, M.A. with specialization in Gender and Legal Aid
    • Mr. Nirmal Raja, M.A. with specialisation in Community Development and Strengthening of PRIs
    • Prof. Kannan, M.A., Ph,D., D.Litt, with specialisation in Sociology, Panchayat Raj and Documentation
    • Mr. Arunodayam Erskine, M.A., M.W.S. with specialization in CBO Management, Community Participation and Rural Development
    • Dr. Arul Prasad, M.A. M.Phil., Ph.D., with specialization in HIV/AIDS Prevention, Micro Finance
    • Mr. Ragunanthan, MBA, with specialization in Micro Enterprises Development
    • Mr. Johnson, B.E.PGDC, with specialization in Report Preparation,  Data Processing & Analysis
    • Mr. Jebamalaidoss, M.Sc., Specialisation in Health and Traditional Medicines.