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Making Paths by Walking Together

Child Participation is a process rather than an event, with varying degrees of involvement - from being consulted on a predetermined issue to children and youth choosing their agenda, making their own decisions and taking them forward.


Children At Risk

India is home to the largest number of children in the world, significantly larger than the number in China.

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So many people search for love in their outer world (from their parents, partners, friends, relatives, children, etc.), until they realize that there cannot be such a deep, joyful, blissful and peaceful love as Divine love. This kind of love doesn’t know cast, religion, language, color, race, education… It’s unconditional, timeless and the most important – it is our very nature, our source. We are made of love!

Paths of reaching this goal are different, but the presence of enlightened Master is always the most powerful and easiest way to bring us back home i.e. to our source, our true nature… love.

The one that is RCPDS and that truly lives the quote “LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL