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Making Paths by Walking Together

Child Participation is a process rather than an event, with varying degrees of involvement - from being consulted on a predetermined issue to children and youth choosing their agenda, making their own decisions and taking them forward.


Children At Risk

India is home to the largest number of children in the world, significantly larger than the number in China.

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Child Rights Protection

In general broad classification of stakeholders with regard to child rights protection is perceived by RCPDS.


Capacity building of the grassroots, specially the vulnerable weaker sections such as Women, Dalits and Landless - on the rights perspectives for effective participation in society at large


The Resource Centre for participatory Development Studies – RCPDS ,RCPDS is a leading development resource organisation based in methodological innovations and field based concepts, promoting .....

Non Negotiable for RCPDS

As development organization RCPDS believe in keeping at pace with the following thrust areas as non-negotiable in its mandate. There is a clearly spelt out policy guidelines for gender equity, disaster response, child rights, stag management and accounting procedures.Thrust areas include Child rights, Gender equity issues, Social Discrimination, Eco friendly environment and HIV/AIDS.