RCPDS has been implementing Marumalarchi CFCD project in 12 villages spread across six panchayats in Tiruchuli and Kariapatti blocks of Virudhunagar district since 2014, with funding support from KNH, Germany. The purpose of the project is to mainstream social inclusion through retrieving rights of Dalit children and community mobilisation. The key programme components of the project include early childhood care, children education, health, livelihood and community institutions

The project has completed three years and promoted many community based institutions such as child clubs, Palar Panchayats, CMCJ, SHG and linked them to higher level bodies which were already formed during the previous phase. The key stakes of the project wanted to do a participatory impact assessment exercise as planned in the project design. This participatory assessment exercise involved stakeholders particularly the participants of the Marumalarchi CFCD to assess the progress against stated objectives, understanding the drivers for achievements and non-achievements and suggest recommendations for moving forward for the rest of the period. Members from SHGs, CMCJ and CRPC were involved in designing, implementing, analysing and contribute to develop recommendations for the project. The study also involved an external consultant from CMS to provide support on these aspects

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