Climate Change and Children

The Study entitled "Climate Change and Children" was successfully completed with the collaborative efforts of many: and we express our heartfelt thanks to hundreds of community members and children who took part in the study with enthusiasm i spite of their work and other household chores. The support and coordination of our networked NGOs viz. CODE TEST women's collective and RRO to these efforts have been crucial and we remain indebted to them all.

Children Movement For Climate Justice - CMCJ

Children from marginalized farming families of Seven States of India between the age group of 12 to 18 united with our commitment to protecting the only earth we have to make it a livable one for every human being, especially for us as well future children, and concerned about protecting the same.

Food Security Through Economically Viable Farming System

Current Global scenario and trend revolve around Economic values, economic returns and market economy. Any act, including interpersonal rela􀀜onships, unfortunately count against the money returns that some one might get. Economic return is the buzz word of the world order. Global scenario of growing science and technology, compe􀀜􀀜ve market economy, poverty index, urban rural divide, etc., act as key driving factors of change.

Education Expo - 2013

Evolving and improving lives through Education, especially for the socially Marginalized children and building a rich pool of human resource is the prime objective of RCPDS (Resource Centre for Participatory Development Studies) and its parent bosy, SPEECH (Society for peoples Education and Economic Change). Both RCPDS and SPEECH have developed their own network of educational opportunity for marginalized children in most excluded Blocks of Virudunager District through existing Schools

13th KNH India Partners' Workshop On Workshop on "KNH Systems and Financial Guidelines"

KNH India Partners send the revised budgets and Annual financial Reports to KNH Germany. The Controlling and Finance Department in KNH Germany insisted all the partners to prepare the budgets and financial reports as per the KNH Guidelines and Formats. During this process and earlier while sending the Annual Financial Statements according to KNH Guidelines and formats, many of KNH partners raised areas for clarifica􀀨ons and to give more insights on the financial guidelines, KNH India Team decided to organize a workshop on the Financial Guidelines and Formats of KNH and approached Mr. Guido Falkenberg, the India Team Leader at KNH Duisburg for support.

Climate Justice and Ensuring Ecological Rights For Children - Tamil

தட்பவெப்பநிலை மாற்றம் என்பது, இயற்கை வளங்களை அளவுக்கு அதிகமாக நாம் பயன்படுத்தியதால் ஏற்பட்ட பாதிப்பு. மேலும் பல்லுயிர் பெருக்கம் போன்றவற்றை நாம் அழித்ததால் ஏற்பட்ட விளைவு.மனித உரிமைகள், குழந்தை உரிமைகள், இயற்கையுடன் நாம் வைத்துள்ள உறவு, வரும் தலைமுறைகளுக்கு இந்த வளங்களை மீதம் விட்டுச்செல்ல வேண்டும் என்ற நியாயமான உணர்வு, ஒற்றுமை உணர்வை கட்டிக்காத்தல், உண்மை நிலையை அறிதல், இவற்றின் பின்புலத்தில் உள்ள அறிவியல் உண்மைகளை புரிந்துகொள்ளுதல், இந்த உலகின் பல்வேறு பகுதிகளில் வாழும் ஒரு சிலரால் குழந்தை உரிமைகள் எப்படி மீறப்பட்டுள்ளன என்பதை தெரிந்துகொள்ளுதல்,

Sponsorship Guidelines - in CFCD Contest 2014

Child Sponsorship in CFCD Context THE POWER OF ONE Sponsorship basically anchors around the concept of 'power of one'. Hence the sponsorship officer need to have multi skills with human face, commitment to child rights, clarity on how the power of one sponsor and the ambassador child can really break the poverty cycle, reduce vulnerability, social accountabi

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