Finance Manual of RCPDS

RCPDS strongly believe its services, success and integrity vitally depends on our ability to manage and safeguard the resources, governmental and private donors entrust to us in the best interest of mutual goals agreed upon. Central to this goal is a sound structure of financial management and control, and making wise use of the financial resources in a transparent, accountable and jusifiable manner

The purpose of the financial policy is to describe and document how the board wants the financial management activities to be carried out. In order to accomplish this, every financial policy needs to address five areas:

  1. Assignment of authority for necessary and regular financial actions and decisions, which may include delegation of some authority to staff leaders
  2. Policy statement on conflicts of interest, or inside transactions
  3. Clear authority to spend funds including approval, cheque signing, and payroll
  4. Clear assignment of authority to enter into contracts
  5. Clear responsibility for maintaining accurate financial records
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